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Childrens Connect


We think church should be fun, no matter if you are; 5, 15, or 55! So in Childrens connect we want you to know it isn't like school, it is going to be a bit different, and a lot more fun. We want to see you growing in your faith and fun is a great way to learn...


We are so fortunate to have a book of stories rather than rules. Through stories we learn life lessons, about the character of God, and so much more...


Learning and growing in our faith is so important  We want to see our children learning through stories, craft, and fun...


We all need safe places to ask lifes big questions. To seek to understand. To know that our doubts, questions, searching will be met by kindness. Children are wonderful at asking those awkward questions and we think that discussion is a great way to learn...

About Childrens Connect

Childrens Connect is what we call our Childrens program. During the Sermon, for about 30 minutes, the children go out for their own time of learning. Typically this is lots of; games, stories, craft, and fun! 

We follow a popular Childrens work curriculum called Brite*, each week the children learn a bible verse, hear a bible story, do a craft activity, and have some fun. If ever you've wondered where they go when they leave the service, at 100mph with cheers of delight, and they love it! 

We have a Childrens group, called Childrens Connect, on Sundays at Stone Baptist and are working on launching one at Eynsford Baptist Church, currently there are colouring and activity sheets at Eynsford Baptist Church for children to keep themselves occupied if they don't want to listen to the sermon. 

If it is your first time visiting with us please know our group leaders are DBS checked, are following our safeguarding policy closely, as a parent you are welcome to come out the first week to help your little one settle if you wish. If there is any problem the team will call you right away. 
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