Eynesford Baptist Church (EBC) approached Stone Baptist Church (SBC) to ask for a "Rescue Merger" to help their church relaunch. Relaunching or "replanting" as it is typically know in church circles is the process of helping a church essentially start over. 

Eynsford Baptist Church had been a thriving church some years ago. The church was founded in 1775, a year before America was formed, and grew initially in the home of Mr Hodges a villager. 

By 1799 the church had grown out of the house and moved into some stables that had been fitted out for the church. 

100 years later the church had grown out of the stables and so the church moved to its current site and into a new building. The church again needed extending and was replaced by the current building. 


We know the church is the people and not the building. In 2019 the church began conversations SBC. Initially SBC offered to come alongside EBC to support Mission activities with the hope of the church growing much as SBC had over previous years. 

As the conversations progressed, and with the retirement of EBC's then Pastor Chris Moffett, a gracious and Godly man the church realised they needed more than a friendly sister church but a partner for the challenge ahead. While no one person can say wether a church will grow or not. But following great prayer within the membership of both churches it was agreed to "give it a go" and "ask the Lord to bless where we sensed he was leading"...

SBC's plan, at EBC's invitation is to take an active role in; leading, supporting, helping, and encouraging the growth and replanting of EBC. If you want to know more, want to join the effort to replant EBC, or want to get regular prayer updates let us know via the contact box below!